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Introducing . . .  

From the desk of: Jason – MaxCPM.
Subject: Starting a PPC+CPA "Hybrid" Ad Network…

Dear Future Network Operator,

By now, you probably know that making money online is not as easy as many charlatans are trying to make you believe.

With so many rip-offs, bold claims and “push-button money making” software packages out there, smart people like you and I are becoming more aware of how this damaging trend is giving a bad reputation to the IM industry.

However, I did not create this amazing technology just to sell you latest and greatest “make money fast” product bundled with a few low-quality PLR bonuses for $17.

What I’m about to offer you is thousands times better…

I suggest you sit back, get comfortable and read this short letter carefully as what I’m going to reveal has the potential of creating a TRUE online business that can generate a lot of money for years on end.

It can do this without all the hype, the lies and the B.S. that you’re unfortunately used to.

In a few minutes you’re about to discover shocking technology that you’ve NEVER heard before.

Something Truly Revolutionary
That’s About To Change Everything!

As you may know, the online (and now mobile) Ad markets are generating obscene amount of cash while the world is sinking in a terrible and devastating economic recession.

You don’t have to be a genius in order to understand that this market is GIGANTIC and that whoever is willing to dare to venture into it can swim in a pool of endless profits.

The problem is that conglomerate companies like Google, Yahoo! and Bing have their foot on your neck, literally. I have lost count of how many people are complaining about how their accounts were banned with NO JUSTIFICATION.

A vast number of accounts were seized by these “ad dictators” on a daily basis.

This was done for no reason without any explanation given.

Don’t get me wrong…

You can make good money with the typical ad networks and in fact, many smart marketers are doing just that.

However, the truth is that there’s no room for the little guy like you who is willing to start an honest online business in these ad networks.

I hate to say this, but to them you are expendable.

Google for example, it’s unpredictable as the roulette; where everybody (including those with large accounts) can wake up one good morning with their account banned.

Today You Have The Opportunity To Say NO
To All Of Those Pompous Ad Networks, and
Start Setting Your Own Ground Rules.

Let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Jason and I’m a former Wall Street Systems Analyst.

For the last three years I’ve been involved in the process of creating something that I visualized before I even jumped into the internet marketing world: a self-sustained, intelligent ad exchange bringing the future, to the present.

This is what I call: the next evolution of ad networks.

I was tired of seeing how the regular guys were treated like expendable goods so I decided to invent something that could change the game FOREVER.

For three years I’ve working restlessly on this gigantic project, and trust me, the amount of effort paid off.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, because the only thing you need to know is that your dream online business is finally within your reach.

Before I continue, I need to check if you’re the right kind of person that I want to have on board for this UNIQUE opportunity.

Then You’re Invited to
Become an Ad Network Operator with

Watch the video below if you want to find out how you can
create a true honest, and reliable long-term business!

Test Drive Some of MaxCPM's
Amazing Features

Now you can Start a REAL and WORTHWHILE online business in the online ad industry and profit from clicks and conversions from other people's ads and on other people's websites! [ READ MORE ]


  50+ Professional Control Panel Screens
Enjoy a super intuitive, extremely easy to operate self-service control panel! Your network will look like a million dollar network! With only a few clicks of the mouse you’ll have instant access to the dozens upon dozens of exciting options that MaxCPM offers. [ SEE SCREENSHOTS ]


    Next-Evolution Ad Targeting
Wouldn’t it be great if an ad network would rotate, test and track all of your ads, placements and landing pages … and then crank up the winning combinations when & where they led to more conversions? Well, that’s precisely what MaxCPM can do for you… It thinks and optimize for you the same way over thousands of possible campaign combinations [ READ MORE ]


    More Than Just PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
MaxCPM’s unique, hybrid PPC+CPA bidding system can intelligently “level-up” ad campaigns whenever conversion rates increase, according to an advertiser’s preset instructions. This is an AWESOME feature that you won’t find anywhere else. [ WATCH VIDEO ]


    Automatic A/B Split-Testing
In few clicks you can gain total access to the statistics of your campaigns to see which elements are getting the best results. It tracks, follow trends, and scores all the elements of your campaigns just to make sure you get the BEST results – all this without you having to do the whole thing manually. [ WATCH VIDEO ]


    Publisher Earnings Optimizer
No longer will publishers have to search for the highest performing ads, or pull ads when advertisers run out of money. Every single night, our intelligent MaxCPM system will not only find the highest effective CPM yields for their website(s), but will rotate to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers end their campaigns or go over budget. [ WATCH VIDEO ]


    You Are the Network Admin
You can manage, activate, suspend and terminate your accounts, ad campaigns, and publisher websites when you need to. [ TRY THE LIVE DEMO ]


    Built-in Support Desk System
We know your users will have questions, and so will you. We provide you with an support message system to handle incoming support requests, and even escalate them to us when you have a question. [ TRY THE LIVE DEMO ]

Plus, you can enjoy all features with just one account!

A self-service platform, impressive ad-placement,
an incredible and effective A-B split testing system,
CPA “heat-seeker” and a hi-tech earnings optimizer!

Want To Set YOUR OWN Markup Rate?

As the Admin, your profits are based on a markup percentage over all of the traffic on your network … which means that you earn money every time even a single click passes through your network.

Recession??? What Recession?
Online Ad Sales surge 23% despite economy

What a Recession-Proof Ad Industry Looks Like

The Online Ad Markets are EXPLODING! - While the rest of the economy continues to falter, online ad revenues continue to surge reaching record highs as more and more advertisers turn to the internet for a more effective means of marketing. Internet Ad Sales have now officially outpaced those of daily newspapers and are forecasted to overtake TV ads within the next 5 years. [ SEE MARKET CONDITIONS ]

It's not just software .. MaxCPM is an
Instant JV Marketplace

As you can see, MaxCPM is not your average ad network system.

It’s a superb, revolutionary ad exchange where publishers and advertisers Joint-Venture (JV) for maximum profits. You only have to join, create your ad network and let the engine do the hard work of optimizing the campaigns for you. The true power behind MaxCPM not only lies in its scoring algorithms, but in bringing networks of advertisers & publishers together, and optimizing their results on a daily basis. [ SEE HOW THE EXCHANGE WORKS ]

There’s NOTHING else like this available; nothing that is even close.

We’re talking about a whole new ad dimension where you can enjoy a sophisticated automation while increasing profits at the same time!

Signup Today for MaxCPM's
FREE Admin Tour

So Pay Attention … If You Want to be Part of the
New Era of Online Advertising, You Should Act FAST…

You’re just a click away from entering into an extremely profitable world where you have the chance to exploit cutting-edge technology and be your own boss.

The best thing is that unlike those ad giants such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! you’re always welcome to the exchange whether you’re a newbie or an internet marketing specialist.


You don’t have to have a HUGE budget in order to use this software.

I created this cutting-edge technology to help everybody who wants a better alternative, with endless possibilities.

Hear that clock ticking? ... Time is running out.

I just can’t promise that this offer will still be here if you come back in a few weeks, so the only choice is to click that “Get Started” button.

It is better be safe now than sorry later!

To conclude, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this important message!

See You Inside MaxCPM!

Jason G
MaxCPM Ad Intelligence

P.S. It is not every day that you have the chance to join such an intelligent and profitable ad exchange, so act now before it’s too late!

P.P.S. This is your final chance to create a TRUE and HONEST online business, and unlike all those shady “make money fast” products, this is truly the profitable opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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